Cable TV cable extenders may be a hit with kids, experts say

A new cable extorter that can be installed under a wall in a matter of hours may have a positive effect on children, researchers have found.

The new cable-extender that can allow users to connect to a cable system through a wall and then connect to another device like a laptop or phone can be a major boon for families who want to save money on cable TV subscriptions.

“What we are seeing in our research is that, as kids start to learn how to use these new devices, they actually benefit,” said Jennifer Boudreau, a researcher at the University of Alberta who is part of the Canadian Networking Association.

“They do better in school, and in math, and they’re able to make their own entertainment choices, they’re more active and they enjoy their time in their homes more.”

Boudreau and her colleagues are conducting research to see whether cable extenstrators can reduce the cost of cord-cutting, a move that has become increasingly popular among millennials who are also opting for cord-cutters, who typically have more disposable income.

This type of device, called a cable extencer, was developed by a company called Cablevision, which also produces the cable-TV extender known as the cable tunnel.

Baudreau and colleagues used video cameras and cameras mounted on walls to capture footage of the devices.

They used that footage to create a virtual model of how they could be installed, which they then used to design a prototype of the device, which was made from carbon fiber and magnesium alloy.

A prototype of a cable tunnel extender that’s used by the cable extenders that Boudrie and her team have designed.

As kids get older, they may need more than a wall to connect a TV to a device, and that may not be a problem for these devices, said Boudoir.

She said the device could also be installed over a power strip or a wall outlet, allowing for easy access to devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones, which typically use wired connections.

It may be cheaper than cable boxes that cost $20 or more to rent, Boudrier said.

But she also added that the devices will be useful for people who want the convenience of having the option of using a cable box.

Cable extenders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some having up to four of them connected together, and some having two.

In their research, Baudreau’s team tested the device in a range of different environments, including indoor spaces and outdoor spaces.

They also tested the devices in the garage of a family friend, in the basement of a home and on a patio.

While the device can be attached to a wall with just a few screws and nuts, the team also tested it in the bathroom and found that it could be attached without a problem.

Once installed, the device was able to reach under the wall and reconnect with the TV, as well as connect to other devices.

Although Boudroyds team had hoped to test the device outside, the devices work best in environments where temperatures are lower than 75 degrees, so they were able to test it in a basement.

Another advantage of the cable extension is that it can be used to add additional connectivity for other devices, like tablets or smartphones, Bournays team said.

That could be useful if you’re trying to stream a movie on Netflix and you want to stream it over your Internet connection.

But it can also be used for other purposes.

For example, it could also help people with chronic illness, such as people with Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

The devices are also capable of connecting to a smartphone or tablet, which would allow the user to easily use their devices to watch movies.

For now, the cable extensions are not available in Canada, but Boudrien is working on a plan to make them available in the U.S. Boudreys team is currently looking for companies that can make them in the future, but the devices have yet to be approved by the U


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