How to buy an extension cable for your smartphone

The headphone extension cord is one of the most common extension cables for most phones.

It’s often made out of copper wire, but it’s also available in many other materials, including plastic.

We’ve had the chance to talk to the folks at Logitech about how they make the extension cable they use in their laptops, which is a lot more flexible than it looks.

The cable is sold with a simple plug that lets you plug it into any USB port on your phone.

This allows you to easily plug it in to any standard headphone jack, but with the addition of the Bluetooth headset jack.

And that plug also lets you connect a Bluetooth headset to the extension cord.

We tested it out and found that it worked really well.

The headphone cable works with any Bluetooth headset that can connect to your phone’s audio jack, including headsets like the Apple iPhone and the Google Pixel, as well as headsets that have Bluetooth 2.1 and up.

The extension cord also works with headsets that don’t support the standard Bluetooth protocol, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Gear VR.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

The only way to get an extension cord that works with your headset is to buy one of those cheap, plastic headphones.

The Logitech extension cord, on the other hand, has a much better fit, and it works even with a variety of different headphones.

We got to try it out with the Logitech Headphones Earbuds, which are $40 on Amazon.

We tried it out on the Logics Earphones, which have a similar look and feel, but they’re $100 on Amazon, and the Logios Headphones are $150 on Amazon and elsewhere.

The two headphones were the first ones we tried, so we gave them a quick test before we went ahead and got the extension cords.

The first thing you notice is that the Logiks extension cord actually fits quite snugly around your ears, but you’re able to move your phone around without it sticking out too much.

It felt a little snug, but after a few minutes of using the extension, we were able to get the extension to actually fit comfortably.

We put the headphones in our ears and the extension came out about halfway.

It was still tight, but we could move them around without the extension getting in the way.

It also took a little longer than expected to get them to fully come out.

The headphones felt quite comfortable, and we weren’t able to hear any of the noise coming from the headphones, but that’s okay.

The next thing you’ll notice is the shape of the extension.

The length of the cable is the same as the earbuds earbud.

The cables are roughly 3/8″ wide, and are about 3/4″ deep.

You can easily bend the extension out of your ear to make it fit better, but at the end of the day, the cable will fit into your ear very snugly.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of headphones you’re using, since the cable’s width is just right for most people.

We were able do a little more testing with the headsets, and found the same thing.

The headset itself fit into our ears just fine, but the extension was just too much for our ears.

The Bluetooth headset we tried had a larger diameter, but even that didn’t fit very well, so it wasn’t the right fit for our ear.

So if you’re going to use a Bluetooth headphone with a regular headset, the extension is definitely a better choice.

For those of you who prefer the traditional earbuddy design, Logitech has another extension cable that also fits in the traditional way, but this one is made of plastic.

You could just buy the plastic extension cord for the headphones and not need the extra cable.

That one doesn’t fit well into your ears.

We could get a little farther with that one, but there’s definitely enough room for it in your ears without it interfering with your ears or headphones.

If you’re buying headphones for the Logis headphones, you’ll want to pick up the Logic extension cable.

The other extension cable you’ll need is the one for the headset, which will also work.

There’s a Logitech earbuzzer extension cord on Amazon that works really well, and that works great for the Gear VR headset as well.

It can be a little tricky to find, and there are a few other brands that will work.

You may also want to try out a Logi’s adapter to get more freedom with your headphones.

For more headphones reviews, check out our list of the best headphones for gaming.


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