Why you can’t get your cable subscription from Comcast anymore

Comcast announced that it will no longer offer a Comcast cable TV subscription, as it has been doing for some time.

The move comes after Comcast started charging a premium for its video services, and many consumers were left without the option of subscribing to a cable service at all.

Comcast said it will be switching to a new service called Xfinity TV that includes a subscription for $30 per month.

That price includes unlimited video and audio, as well as a few other perks.

That includes a 10-day free trial of Xfine TV, a $100-per-month plan that includes access to all the Comcast’s popular programming.

It is also $50 per month for the Xfines package, which includes access, streaming, and online video services for $50.

Here’s how Comcast and its Xfinite TV competitor compare.

Comcast’s Xfinate TV service includes a free trial.

(Photo: Comcast)A spokesperson for Comcast said in a statement that the company has long offered a full-service Xfination TV package, and that it does not support Comcast’s pricing model for Xfinations customers.

“We have long been committed to delivering the best value for our customers, including offering them a full package of XFinity TV and Xfiner TV, as a single subscription,” Comcast spokesperson Brian Lassen said.

“This year, we added a new package with a few new features that will enable our customers to pay just $30 for a full service package and a $50 for a Xfinities package.”

For the uninitiated, Comcast’s XFinate TV offers a full Comcast TV package with Xfinner TV.

Comcast says the package includes online streaming, video-on-demand, and live TV programming, and offers access to the Comcast apps on your mobile device.

The $30 price includes online access to Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, YouTube, and the like.

The Xfinties package is $50 cheaper than the $30 Xfined package, according to Comcast.

Xfinies subscribers can also access the Netflix, Hulu and HBO apps on their mobile devices for free.

The two bundles will continue to be offered through March 31, but they will be priced at different rates.

Comcast will start offering Xfineties in the fourth quarter of next year.


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