The Cable Company is going down in history

With the help of the cable company, millions of homes across the United States are getting their own TV in the coming years, thanks to the rise of the cord-cutter.

But what is a cable company and how did it get started?

Here are the answers to these questions.

Cable company cable companies are now owned by a company called Spectrum, which was founded in 1984.

It is the parent company of many cable companies, including Dish Network, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Its mission is to provide customers with access to high-quality television, and it has made significant strides over the past few decades.

The first cable companies started out in the 1930s and 1940s as a way to get people into the homes of their neighbors.

The cable companies didn’t have to be cable companies to make their customers happy, however.

They were just other companies doing what they do best, which is provide access to quality TV, a strategy called cord cutting.

This has been the case for decades, even though the industry has seen an explosion of Internet access and online services, which have made it much easier to cut the cord.

The rise of cable companies is largely due to the growing number of consumers who have become willing to give up cable, and because of the increasing cost of cable service.

This is particularly true in the developing world, where a lot of households are still struggling to get access to a good quality service.

However, there is another reason why cord cutting is growing rapidly: consumers are also opting to go online to watch TV and download movies and other media.

Consumers are increasingly using technology to get their entertainment, but they are still spending more time using the Internet to watch and download TV.

This trend is driven by a growing number for one reason: they are able to access TV from their phones, tablets or computers.

But the way people are using technology is also changing the way we access TV.

Consumers have been watching more video and watching more TV in recent years.

In 2017, for example, the amount of time people spent watching videos on smartphones, tablets and computers more than doubled.

They spent over four hours watching TV in 2017, according to Nielsen.

That was up from the three hours they spent watching TV a decade ago.

In 2019, more people watched on their TVs at home than ever before.

The number of people watching on their phones also increased by nearly 40 percent.

A lot of that is thanks to apps.

These devices can connect to a TV and play live TV programming from over 1,000 local channels.

For example, in 2017 nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population used Netflix, a streaming video service that offers a wide variety of original content.

However a growing amount of the time, they are also watching video on their devices, which are also more connected to their homes.

A new generation of devices is making it easier for people to watch online.

These new devices can also stream content from apps, which means there is a lot more opportunity to consume content on the go.

Consumers can watch a live TV stream on a tablet or phone, or they can watch videos on their mobile devices through a Netflix app.

In 2018, Netflix also introduced a new app that allows people to stream live TV from Netflix or any of its other streaming services.

The app is called Netflix On Demand.

This allows users to watch video on a device and then search for content they want to watch.

Netflix On Duty lets users search for videos and then watch them on their television.

The Netflix app also offers a feature that lets users save and share their favorite shows and movies, which can be accessed by searching for them on a smartphone or tablet.

Netflix is also expanding its reach with its streaming service, the “All Access” service.

Netflix has a large library of live and on-demand content, which includes movies and shows.

Users can also watch video and play content from other services, such as HBO Go.

Netflix, which has become a major player in the streaming video business, is also taking advantage of a growing trend among young people.

Many people have grown up watching videos online.

They don’t want to be stuck with cable.

Netflix can help them get into their homes, even if they are cord-nevers, or cord-switching, which lets people watch TV without having to subscribe to cable or satellite TV.

Netflix will also help the cable companies make money, which could be an incentive for more consumers to give their cable or DSL providers a try.

In addition, Netflix is trying to make its customers more connected.

The company is using technology called a DVR, or digital remote control, to record shows, movies and video from devices like smart TVs.

The service lets users quickly watch live TV on a television or mobile device, even when there is no signal in their homes or elsewhere.

The DVR is currently in beta in many parts of the world,


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