Cable railing systems are not only safe, but they can actually save money, new research suggests

By MARTIN WALKER/Associated PressThe first cable railing system ever built, a cable railing, is a fixture that’s now the most common method of securing cable in homes.

The system uses a cable bar that’s attached to a ladder that extends up to a floor-to-ceiling window, according to an article published by Consumer Reports.

The railing, a simple design that makes it easy to attach and secure cables, was designed to keep cable from slipping out of a ceiling, according the article.

When a cable falls from the ceiling onto a railing, the cable will catch on the bar, which is then attached to the ceiling by a cable-laying rod, and hold it in place.

The cable bar is then removed, allowing the cable to drop out of the window.

It is easy to use, and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

However, the railing is not as effective as a cable fence, which has been used for decades in homes and businesses.

According to the article, the cables that are attached to cable are “hard to remove” by hand, making the railing much more difficult to install.

It also doesn’t have a locking mechanism, meaning the cable bar doesn’t lock down the cable before it falls onto the railing, making it difficult to remove and reinstall.

In addition, the system is not designed to stop the cable from being damaged, and may lead to cable cable dangling or the cable reaching the floor or wall.

In a test, Consumer Reports researchers used the cable railing to secure cables that were coming from a TV to a cable extension pole.

They found that the cable extension poles in the testing area could not safely hold the cables, so they needed to secure them to the railing system.

According the article:


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