10 things to know about cable girls cast

In addition to casting for The Walking Dead’s first two seasons, the cable girls are set to be seen in two episodes of CBS’ upcoming The Mentalist.

CBS announced the casting of five girls as part of a series of seven women on The Mentalists, which will debut on the network this fall.

The series centers around a group of teenage girls, each with a different superpower.

The girls are part of the new team that helps police detectives solve cases in their community.

They are joined by an older, blonde woman and a mysterious man named Charlie.

The cast is as follows:Chloe Baker as Jessica Chastain (Baker starred in the show’s pilot episode, which debuted this past May.)

The blonde has a superpower that lets her see through walls and objects, as well as her superpowers can make her invisible, like when she could make her hair look like it was falling out.

The blonde also has the ability to make her voice sound like a man.

Kylie Bui as Emily Kagan (The Mentalist was created by actress Lauren Shuler Donner, who is also an executive producer on the series.)

Kagan has a power that lets all of her super powers to be used at once, making her super-smart, able to communicate telepathically, and able to heal wounds.

She can also transform into a giant spider.

Karen Cooper as Kelly Grayson (The mentalist also stars Laura Linney, who plays Emily’s mother, Becky.)

The blue-eyed woman is an out-of-control, violent, and powerful character.

She is also the daughter of the mayor and a member of the superhero team, The Mentalers.

Kelly Grayson is a super-powered girl who is super-powerful but also has a crush on one of her friends, Alex.

Alex is a girl who can see into the future.

Kara Pierce as Sasha Banks (The girls were originally supposed to appear in a short pilot episode of The Mental’s second season, but they have now been added to the show as part-time members of the team.)

The red-haired woman is a mysterious and super-intelligent person with powers.

She’s also a member and is trying to find her own super-powers.

The blonde girl is an angry and superpowered girl with a powerful body.

She has powers that can turn into a super spider and can change her appearance.

The red-head has a super power that can make all her hair glow red.

Kirsten Dunst as Karen Grayson (Dunst played a super villain in the Marvel TV series Iron Fist, who was later adapted into The Mentalism.

The redhead is a very dangerous person who can use her super power to turn people into zombies.

She was originally going to appear as one of the first four girls in The Mental, but has now been moved to a part-timer role as part the team.

Kelley Hagan as Emily Grayson (Hagan stars as Emily’s mom, Becky, who has been a member for a while now.)

Emily Grayson is the daughter and leader of The mentalist.

She and her friends work together to solve crimes, but she also has super powers that allow her to create webs, create earthquakes, and create illusions.

The girl who looks like her dad has superpowers, which allow her, as a super genius, to read minds.

She is a beautiful person who loves the outdoors.

The girl with powers also loves music.

She loves people who are kind, caring, and kindhearted.

And she loves the thrill of solving a mystery.

Alexis Bledel as Charlie Grayson (Bledel starred in a scene in the first episode of the second season of The Minds.)

Alexis Grayson has powers and powers that are beyond her imagination.

She uses them to solve problems, but also to turn her body into a spider.

The show also stars Emma Roberts, as her mother.

Charlie Grayson is part of The team and is a vigilante.

He’s also incredibly smart and knows more than most people.

He has powers like telepathy, which allows him to see into time and space.

The blond girl also has powers, but can control them.

She also has amazing strength and is able to manipulate gravity and create portals to other worlds.

Molly Shannon as Emily Kent (Shannon stars as the new member of The group.)

Emily Kent has super-human strength and super powers.

They allow her great strength and agility, which she uses to fight crime.

She gets super-fast reactions and senses danger.

The yellow-eyed girl has super speed and super strength, which makes her a very fast runner.

Margo Martindale as Alex Bleden (Martindale starred in another episode of Iron Fist.)

Alex Bledenstein has super strength and can use it to create powerful explosions.

She will be able to do anything.

The blond girl is a really sweet person, a good friend, and is extremely intelligent. She


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