AT&T to sell cable-line tower, switch, cable modem in deal with Amazon

AT&&amp ;T will sell the cable-stacked cable modem to Amazon for $15.99 per month.

The deal was announced Thursday in an FCC filing.

The modem can be connected to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and other Fire devices.

Amazon plans to sell the device at a price of $199.99, with free two-year Amazon Prime shipping.

The company will provide free two years of Amazon Prime to Amazon Fire TV owners who purchase the device.

AT&amps customers who have already purchased the device will not be charged.

AT &amp;lt said it will also provide free Amazon FireTV Stick, Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon Echo and Echo Dot to AT<s customers.

Amazon is seeking to sell some of its TV sets, including the $35 Amazon Fire, $39 Amazon Fire HD, $79 Amazon Fire Stick, and $129 Amazon Fire tablet to AT <amp%;s customers for $99 each.

It also is interested in selling a wireless device called the Fire TV Wireless Starter Kit, which will include an Amazon Fire device, Fire TV streaming player, wireless router, wireless Internet service, and two-channel music player.

AT>s Fire TV and Fire TV Streaming devices will also be available for $14.99 and $39.99 each, respectively.

Amazon has said it is working with AT&s customers to expand its broadband offerings to include a $35-a-month subscription to DirecTV Now, which is available in select U.S. markets.

AT’ s deal with AT >amp ;lt is the second such deal announced in the past two months.

AT and DirecTv announced a $50-a.d. deal to allow customers in areas with limited fiber broadband service to get Direc TV for $50 a month.

Earlier this month, AT&;s announced it had reached a deal with Verizon Wireless to buy DirecTSV.

The AT&ams deal with DirectsV will allow Verizon customers in certain areas to get free, unlimited, and unlimited high-speed Internet and wireless broadband for a two-month period.

AT was also announced on Thursday to sell its $200-a.-month Internet service to the National Cable &amp ;amp; Telecommunications Association, an industry trade group.


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