How to Replace Optical Cable in Your Car

The cable used to hold the audio cable to the dashboard in your car is probably your car’s primary optical cable.

It’s used to transfer audio from the car stereo to the car’s audio system.

That means that when you’re driving, the radio and TV are both going to be getting the same signal.

When you plug the optical cable into your car, you’re not actually doing anything.

It only carries the audio signal from the stereo to your car.

However, when the optical line is disconnected, the car starts playing the radio or TV signals it received from the radio.

When that happens, it sends the audio signals to your computer, which then sends them to your stereo.

If you want to remove the optical cord, you’ll need to remove a piece of plastic from the plastic covering the optical connector.

Remove the plastic cover and then pull the plastic end off the optical fiber.

You’ll need a small screwdriver to do this.

Remove any metal from the side of the optical coaxial connector.

You should have something that looks like this: There’s a small plastic piece in the middle of it that’s a plastic strip.

Remove that plastic piece and then you’ll have this: If you’re replacing your optical cable, you should be able to remove that plastic strip without needing to remove it.

Just make sure you don’t remove it before you start to remove your car stereo.

You can also remove the plastic strip at the top and bottom of the connector and then take it out.

It should look like this when you take the connector out: You can replace the optical connectors on other cars that you own, but this is the only optical cable you need to replace on your car because it’s used on all of them.

Remove this plastic piece, and then make sure that the connector is unscrewed.

Now you should have this piece that looks something like this.

There’s also a small piece that is attached to the cable, and that’s what you’re going to use to pull out the optical plastic.

Now, remove the small piece at the bottom of this plastic connector.

Now pull out this piece at its bottom and you should see this piece coming out of it.

You want to pull this out with your fingers, but don’t pull it out all the way.

That’s because it won’t come out of the plastic.

The piece at one end is the end that you’re removing.

The other end is where the plastic piece is going to go.

It can also be tricky to pull it free, so be patient with this process.

It’ll take a little bit of effort, but once you’ve done it once, you can go back to the beginning and do it again.

Take a piece that’s about the same size as the plastic you just pulled out and pull it down, making sure that you can get it all the while keeping it attached to your cable.

The last piece is the one that is going back to your camera.

Take that out of its plastic cover, and put that plastic part on top of the end of the cable.

You’re going for a little more than this, so don’t try to pull all the plastic out at once.

Just push it back down with your finger.

Once you’ve gotten this cable completely free of the connectors, you may have to re-attach it in order to keep it from moving around.

When the plastic is free of its connectors, pull the metal end of it out of your car and then put the cable back in place.

Be sure to make sure the metal is firmly attached to everything, but also not to anything else.

It may not be clear at first whether you’re getting the right kind of plastic, but eventually you’ll be able just pull the whole thing out and see if you’re happy with the look of the car.

Replace the optical plug in your stereo’s sound system


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