Why Cable News Ratings Are So Poor: Why Are They Dropping Like a Bunch of Stink Duds?

The cable guy was a guy who liked to make the cable company look like a nice place to be by showing it was doing a great job.

When a cable guy gets a call from a subscriber saying that the cable provider is not doing as well as they would like it to, he immediately gets excited and calls the subscriber back.

He tries to convince the subscriber to upgrade to a different cable service, but the subscriber refuses to do so.

In the meantime, the cable customer is spending his money and time trying to make up for lost profits.

When cable company CEOs are told that the ratings for their cable TV services are dropping, they blame it on the subscriber.

In reality, they are blaming the cable TV guy, who is not a subscriber at all.

In the cable industry, there are two types of cable TV: the big networks like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, and the smaller cable channels like ESPN and ESPN2.

In this industry, ratings are an easy way to score big bucks and keep people interested in the cable channel.

Unfortunately, in the years following the dot com bubble, cable ratings have been falling like a sack of shit.

The problem has been that the big cable networks have been losing subscribers, not making money.

The cable networks are now losing money because people are watching their shows online.

The biggest problem with this model is that the average viewer watches only about half of their cable programming.

That means they are missing out on the big shows like the Olympics, Super Bowl, and Super Bowl XLIX.

The cable guy is now an old man.

He’s getting older and getting sick of doing the same thing every year.

He has two choices: retire or keep working.

The guy with the cable contract wants to keep his job.

He doesn’t want to have to work any more than he does now.

He wants to make sure his cable TV service is going to keep going strong, so that he can afford to watch his favorite shows like “The Walking Dead,” “House of Cards,” “True Detective,” “The Blacklist,” and “Orange is the New Black.”

The cable company’s CEO says that he will invest in new shows.

But if the customer still wants to watch “The Bachelor,” “Glee,” and other shows, the CEO will have to cut the cord.

As the cable network executives continue to blame their customers for their problems, the people are starting to see that cable TV ratings are not what they used to be.

There is a new cable channel that has been airing shows like HBO and CNN.

There are many more that have been airing.

People are beginning to realize that cable is a service that people want, not a product that only people like.


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